Emotion Code / Body Code

Please watch these four videos that will help you understand the Emotion Code. They are Your Emotional Healing Toolkit Your Emotional Healing Toolkit Watch as Dr. Nelson shows you how you can use the Emotion Code to remove your emotional baggage and live a life of emotional freedom.

Your Emotional Healing Toolkit In this video, Dr. Nelson is going to share with you WHY the Emotion Code works, and how it is possible to find the trapped emotions that are disrupting your life and making you sick. Dr. Nelson is going to show you how to tap into the most powerful computer ion the known universe, your own subconscious mind!

Your Emotional Healing Toolkit In this video, Dr. Nelson walks you through the process of releasing your first trapped emotion. If you are like many people, it may just be a day you will always remember, particularly if you are in pain.

Your Emotional Healing Toolkit In this video, you will find out about the Heart Wall, and why it has been called “The most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.”

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Conference Call with Roger Drummer

Listen to the conference call of Roger Drummer from March 13, 2014. This was an amazing call providing excellent information. Listen Now: Conference Call Part 1 Conference Call Part 2:

E-Motion Code Body Mapping

E-Motion Code Mapping

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